Micrex-SX SPF Range

The Micrex-SX SPF range offers high-performance in a compact body with in-built I/O.

The Micrex-SX SPF has two types of basic units: the high-functionality type NA0PA, which is suitable for positioning control while connected to a servo system; and the standard type NA0PB, which is suitable for the control of general equipment.

The Micrex-SX SPF has rich communication functions: RS-232C, RS-485 and Ethernet communication can be established by simply mounting a small board to the basic unit. Communication functions can also be achieved through use of an extension unit on the left side.

The Micrex-SX SPF offers a unique lineup of modules compatible with load cells used for metering and weighing systems, tank scales, etc.

Both hardware and software (SX-Programmer Expert) conform to the IEC 61131 international standard for programmable controllers.

Can be programmed with SX-Programmer Expert or SX-Programmer Standard.

Further information is available from Fuji Electric's Global: FUJI PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER PLC

Micrex-SX SPF Catalogue